Process Control 

We evaluate plant to harvest best practices and recommend improvements.

Industry Benchmarking

We base our industry benchmark reports on thousands of consumer surveys.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Professionals  analyzes your data to identify your production and output.

Educational Training

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of current technical skills.


The center] offers crop production and benchmarking, environmental assessment.


Hands on experience with the technology that is changing the face of agriculture.

State of the Art

International Center for Applied Aeroponics (ICAA) uses real time data.


applied aEROPONICS Environmental Planning

Customer Studies

Receive a ranked and prioritized list of your products and  customer wants and needs.


Local FOOD & Produce

The International Center for Applied Aeroponics (ICAA) has initiated soil-less agricultural extension projects facilities throughout Vietnam for the production of certified mini-tuber seed potatoes, culinary and medicinal crop production. ICAA focuses on environmental planning, internships, projects and crop consulting for applied aeroponic environmental stewardship. Projects offered by the ICAA address local food production utilizing aeroponics in Asia and Middle East.

Competitor Benchmark

Find out how you compare to direct competitors and industry leaders.

   International Center of Applied Aeroponics (icaa)